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Why buy the cow when Arizona’s dairy farmers are hard at work 365 days a year? Many of the state’s dairy providers are family-owned and operated businesses, often with multiple generations working side by side to ensure that every glass of milk you drink is udderly delicious and chock full of nutrients.
Get to know some of Arizona’s dairy industry’s biggest mooovers and shakers in the links below:

Dairy Farmer Spotlight

Bill Kerr Dairy

WesMeet Wes Kerr, 4th generation dairyman and manager of Bill Kerr Dairy.

Caballero Dairy

CaballeroMeet Craig Caballero, 2nd generation dairy farmer of Caballero Dairies.

CBAR Jerseys

cbarMeet John Lundeen, Manager of C-Bar Jerseys in Mesa, Arizona. John has been with C-Bar for 15 years and considers his co-workers his extended family.

Dubrook Calf Dairy Raising

kellyMeet Kelly Dugan, Calf raising manager for Dubrook Dairy. Kelly takes time to love and care for her baby cows just like a mother would care for her own child. She has even gotten the babies pink feed buckets to remind everyone that they are dealing with little girls!

Dubrook Dairy

DubrookMeet Pat and Nadine Dugan, dairying in Casa Grande, Arizona for over 25 years!

Paul Rovey Dairy

RoveyMeet Paul Rovey, United Dairymen of Arizona president and owner of Rovey Dairy in Glendale, Arizona.

Van Rijn Dairy

van rijnMeet Pieter and Jody Van Rijn, of Van Rijn Dairy in East Mesa. Pieter is a 7th generation Dairyman raised in Holland and Jody was raised on C-Bar Jerseys in East Mesa.

Desperado Dairy

desperadoMeet Casey Dugan, newly married and dairied in 2010! Being raised on Dubrook Dairy, Casey fell in love with the dairy lifestyle and purchased his own dairy in January 2010.

Sunset Farms and Paloma Dairy

palomaMeet Robert Sr, Robert Jr, Alan and Arie Van Hofwegen of Sunset Farms and Paloma Dairy in Gila Bend, Arizona.

John and Bobbie Kerr Arizona State Fair Farm Tour

kerrsMeet John and Bobbie Kerr, former dairy farmers who have been involved with the State Fair for 60 years!

A day in the life of a cow

        Meet the kids who call Caballero Dairy farm their home. John, Annika, Joseph and Ethan walk you through a typical day in the life of a cow.



D. Kuiper Dairy

kuiperMeet 4th generation dairy farmer Darrel Kuiper and his son Calvin. Dairying out in Buckeye, AZ!

Mountain Shadow Dairy

Meet the Moss family of Mountain Shadow Dairy. Born and raised on the dairy that he still works on today, Kelly Moss, details the benefits of raising a family on the dairy.

Rijlaarsdam Dairy

anjaGet to know Jacob and Anja Rijlaarsdam! Family owned and operated for 30 years, out in East Mesa, AZ!



Creamline Dairy


Meet Neil Spruit of Creamline Dairy in Chandler, AZ. With over 30 years in the dairy industry, Neil learned to always “look at the cows and see how they’re doing” from his father. A sentiment he now tells his own son on the dairy.


 Gingg Bros Dairy

        Get to know Kyle Gingg of Gingg Bros Dairy, in Buckeye AZ. Raised on a dairy farm, played college football for the Boise State Broncos and now back in Arizona with his own herd.

Stotz Dairy

mqdefaultGet to know Gary Thompson of Stotz Dairy in Buckeye, AZ. Animal care and environmental stewardship are very important to all dairy farmers and Stotz Dairy is no different! See how they take care of their cows as well as capture methane gas that can be turned into electricity.

Danzeisen Dairy

danzeisen dairyGet to know Kevin Danzeisen of Danzeisen Dairy. Located in the city limits of Phoenix, AZ this urban farm has recently set up shop and started bottling their own milk, in glass bottles! With ultra delish milk flavors like Arizona Orange and Root Beer, you are sure to love this local dairy.


Animal Care Videos

Milk Quality

Milk QualityLearn about the care that goes into making the high quality milk that you and your family drink.


Dairy Nutrition

Meet Rosemarie Burgos-Zimbelman, a dairy nutritionist who works with dairy farmers to formulate healthy feeding programs for cows. Each dairy gets specialized diets to meet the needs of the animals in the herd. Dairy farmers work hard everyday to care for their animals and care about providing quality milk to consumers in Arizona.

Health & Medical

Food and ShelterLearn how Arizona dairy farms take care of their cows. Arizona dairy veterinarians Niles Jennett, Bruce Ericsson and Doug Prante talk about the importance of proper health care and medical attention on the dairy.

Food & Shelter

healthLearn how Arizona dairy farms take care of their cows. Food and shelter are major parts of a dairy operation and cow comfort is top priority. Arizona dairy veterinarians Niles Jennett, Bruce Ericsson and Doug Prante tell the story.